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JASMINE she lets it all hang out why don't you.  a beautiful unique girl who is incredibly fun and wise.  Loud and has a lot of spunk ( if you know what I mean).  girls wanna be her, guys wanna have her.  Often imitated, but never replaced, is secretly a sex freak behind closed doors. Her voice is like sex to the ears. She may be a tease, but after she's done having her fun you will be knackered. xx

Each Party lasts two hours and features enthusiastic greedy girls and a maximum ratio of 2:1.
Please look at the schedule page for the full weeks rota.

Reservations and enquiries
07748 903868 / 07748 964653

or email us at:

SINGLE, unaccompanied guyz are very welcomed. In fact, more the merrier!!!
Attendance by reservation only. Look forward to welcoming you all very soon

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