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A Summers Day

It’s a beautiful summer’s day and as I sat out by the lake near the woods, my phone beeps again. We had been sending each other naughty texts all day. We had arranged to meet for the first time the following week, and were telling each other of the things we like to do. He says “I would love to see you in a room full of men and watch as you get down on your knees and suck them and fuck them all.”

“Now funny you should say that” I reply

“I quite like that idea too”

“I want to take you to a swingers club and you are gonna do what ever I tell you to do to all the men there”

Now anyone that knows me knows that I don’t take no shit from no one……..and I do NOT get told what to do, but this guy had a way about him that made me feel that I would be in control at all times Every time I thought of being his dirty little slut for the night the more and more turned on I become. He text me that he needed to see me now as his cock is about to explode, I replied that maybe we should revel in the anticipation for a bit longer. And with that I laid back closed my eyes daydreaming about what he was planning. Grinning the biggest grin you have ever seen. Then thought its no good I need to see this guy now, I pick up my phone and was about to text him but as I looked around me and remembered all the good fun I had in those woods.

I text

“Met me tonight at car park at 9pm When you get there ring me”

I walked home with a spring in my step As it was a warm night I was able to dress in a short skirt and nice top with my wicked high heels. I drove to my favourite spot while it was just light enough, parked up and walked into the woods and found my favourite picnic table, as I sat there it got a bit darker and I wondered if I had done the right thing…….

After all I had never met the man before…….. I became scared then my heart was racing

But also I was so excited, buzzing!

Then right on the dot at 9pm he rings me…….I JUMPED OUT OF MY SKIN………you never know how loud your ring tone is till you are in total silence.

I answer and the only thing that I say to him is

“walk through the gate Walk 200 yards up the path there you will find me”

oh my god my heart was beating so hard and loud. He gets closer and our eyes meet, he walks faster then oh my god he is there in front of me. A million “oh shits” go through my mind but suddenly he kiss’s me passionately and all the thoughts of murdering have gone, For about 3 mins we kiss running our hands all over each other as he runs his hand round the back of my head he grabs my hair pulling me off the table and onto my knees

“Suck my cock you dirty slut”

He did it in a way that I knew it was role play but still I couldn’t help but wonder. So, on my knees and hands by my side I took his cock in my mouth as pushed myself on him I doefully looked in his eyes Suddenly we heard a crackle in the bush’s we stopped and laughed at the thought of being scared of a little bunny

But then we heard keys jangling, we quickly realised it must have been the park ranger doing his rounds. So before we got caught we ran further into the woods (not easy in 6”killer heels in the grass) It was a beautifully clear night and the moon was full So we could just about see where we were going. (and what we was treading in)

My heels got caught; I stumbled and landed on all fours. He was behind me, he calls to me to just stay as I am,

He pulls out his still hard cock grabs my hair, and push’s himself in me. The force pushes me onto my elbows allowing him to get deeper inside. With all the anticipation, the adrenalin and excitement it wasn’t long before I cum, he pulls me back around and as I lick his balls he wanked until he was spraying my face with cum. He holds his hand out to me to help me up from the soft muddy grass. He helps me clean my face then holds my hand protectively as we stumble back to our cars, we kiss gently he gets into his car and drives off.

As I also drive off I say to my self……….” I still don’t know what he looks like”

Ok so I needed to use a name so I choose the most popular name used at LMP. So this one goes out to all the Pauls, also I like to get pulled about hoho! And pull your leg oh they just keep coming,

The story:

Ok, so after a week of no texts and only one phone call just to say what time and where to meet. (We thought it would be more exciting not knowing each other) Friday was finally here, I was going to meet Paul again I was on my way to the club; I was wearing a black dress that didn’t even cover my arse and my killer 6” heels, I had just re-dyed my hair black so it was lush and shone in the light, (I also dyed my ears!)

I made sure I drove there just in case I needed to make a quick getaway.

I had been working that day and the excitement had been bubbling up, I was asked at work if I get tired doing all three parties in a day, I had to laugh as I told him where and what I was going to be doing that night, all three parties were busy and I was so turned on all day, I was like a bitch on heat. Because I knew I wasn’t going to get home from work until after 10:30pm, I would need to get myself ready and allow over an hour to get there, we had arranged to meet at the club at 12:30am. I arrived at the club on time but had to wait for him as he was running late, the time went so slowly waiting for him outside in the car park, I was so nervous, excited, anxious, like a child waiting to go on stage,

15 minuets later he pulls up, we exchange a kiss, he grabs my hand and leads me to the club, although it was late there was still a good few people there though it didn’t look it as the place is so large you could lost in there. He leads me around the whole of the club getting a sense of where everyone is, then as we walk into the video area he swings me round to face him and says with a stern voice,

“Down on your knees slut” You don’t need to ask me twice!

I fell down to my knees, as I did so he unbuckled his jeans letting them fall to his ankles, letting out his already hard cock, he tells me to put my hands behind my back, he grabs my hair then gently moves me up and down his cock, I spit and lick and slid my lips down the shaft. As I do this I am aware that we have drawn a crowd around us, Without saying a word he points to one of the guys that is already stroking his hard cock, he points to me suggesting that he gives me his dick, Paul moves my head round to the guy, I take him in my mouth still with Paul holding my hair he tells me to spit on him, so I spat on him, he tells me to slide my tongue down him, so I do, he tells me to wank him in my mouth, so put my tongue just under the head and wanked him in my mouth.

The poor bloke was so excited in no time at all he was spraying me with his hot spunk, I wipe my face with the back of my hand but no time to clean up as he pushes me onto the next eagerly waiting guy, by now I am standing behind a sofa and leaning over the back, the guy is standing on the sofa in just the right place for me to reach him, as I suck him I can feel my thong being pulled to one side, I cant see but I sense that its Paul sliding his cock into my already very wet pussy, as he slides me back and forth on him it gives me just the right rhythm to suck the other guy, this one is taking longer to bring off and maybe he regrets that when Paul shoots his load in me then pulls me to my feet and leads me out of the room. Oh the power! continued in part III

I go to the loo get myself cleaned up then we get ourselves a drink

But before I had even time to finish mine he has me on my way again, this time he takes me to the swing room, tells me to get on, but me being me, I get on it in doggy style as I am much happier that way round, it doesn’t take him long to find some willing victims to come and help us out, this time he has me sucking him while he beckons yet another to fuck me, as the guy (with a rather large cock) enters me I lift my legs up, he gets the hint and holds onto them pulling them further up so I am now completely horizontal, he is now swaying me back and forth like I am a fuck dolly, this excites me and as pushes himself deeper inside me, my body starts to tremble and I cum hard and strong, this sets them off, Paul pulls his cock from my mouth, a few stokes more, and he is shooting his load over me. While the other guy is not far behind, as he thrusts one last time getting as deep inside I clench my muscles, forcing him to cum hard inside me.

As they sort themselves out, the other guys think they are in with a chance, one of them asks me if he can join in, I say; (and bare in mind this is the first and only time I spoke the whole night)

“I can only do what I am told to do”

And with this Paul pulls me up and again we walk off, by now I’m realising that this is what he enjoys the most, To allow them a piece of me as and when he feels like it, we play this game in another room, then he takes me to a room which has a large bed with a cage all the way around it, he places me in there shuts the door then tells the guys to put their cocks through the bars. So five of the guys stood around the cage with just their cocks poking through, and one by one I sucked them off teasing them by getting them close to Cumming then moving on to the next one, it was such a buzz, three of them managed to spray their cum over me before I was taken away again.

I go clean myself up and this time I’m allowed to finish a drink

Soon we realise that it is 2:45 and we know that the club finishes at 3am so he quickly rounds up 4 of the guys that are left and in the hallway he gets me on my knees for one last time sucking and wanking them all till I got every last drop out of them. At 3am and no time to clean myself we leave the club, walk up to our cars we exchange a kiss and off we drive. Wow what a night.As I drive off I catch myself in the mirror, my hair no longer looked lush and shinny it now looked like I had been dragged through a hedge in the snow lol.

Can I just point out that condoms are used but it just doesn’t sound right in a story when you say

He picks up a condom and tries to tear it but he cant so he passes it to her, she rips it with her teeth them fumbles with the condom trying to roll it down his shaft, realising that it was inside out she takes it off turns it round but by now he is starting to go soft so he wanks it a bit more before she finally get it on him, ok so I left those bits out!

Each Party lasts two hours and features enthusiastic greedy girls and a maximum ratio of 2:1.
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