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Woke up this morning and felt like crap. Probably cos I drunk nearly 2bottles of wine the night before. Had a girly night in with my best friend. WE drunk and did what most women do when they are bonding…ate lots of ice cream and bitched about ex boyfriends and disastrous sexual experiences.

I didn’t want to get out of bed, I put the duvet back over my head and pretended I hadn’t woken up yet…until my phone started ringing.Ugh! I eventually got up and took a long slow shower. Mike popped into my mind as I was scrubbing my breasts. I remembered how he kissed me, how he licked me and oooh that was it! My pussy was awake. I found myself stroking it. The more I thought about Mike, the more I rubbed my clit. I stuck my finger inside my wet pussy and fucked myself. I imagined that it was Mike’s cock inside me. Fucking me in the shower. His wet body rubbing against mine. His hands running up and down my soapy body and fucking me deep and slow. I imagined him moving in and out and feeling every stroke of his big hard cock. With my pussy begging for more… I took the shower head and put it on my clit…oh my god. The water beating against my pussy sent me into a great orgasm as I imagined Mike being inside me. I felt light headed and lay down in the bath as the shower carried on running over my body. The doorbell rang.

My neighbour Lisa popped round to make sure I was still going to hers for lunch…Crap! I was not in the mood to socialise but I did promise. She was trying so hard to set me up with a guy cos she thought I was lonely…if only she knew lol. I had a dilemma about what to wear. Conservative? Sexy? Casual? Hmmmm…fk it…sexy it is!

I finally arrived at Lisa’s apartment 90 minutes later. I knocked and could hear chatter and laughter coming from the apartment. I walked in and the room went quiet…not good. Lisa broke the silence by offering me a drink. We hurried over to the kitchen and I managed to get myself together. Lisa explained that her guests were surprised to see me…looking so hot! Ok…...

I went back to the lounge and was introduced to everyone. The big surprise came when I saw Mike. My heart skipped a beat and I could not look at him in the eye. I hadn’t seen him since the last time he disappeared after licking my ass. The afternoon dragged on and I couldn’t help but watch Mike everytime he was in the room. We made eye contact a few times but I wanted more. He was looking so good I could almost taste him. 

A few glasses of wine later, we were all seated in the lounge and chatting about nothing in particular. Mike and I made plenty of eye contact and I could feel him undressing me. His eyes said it all, he wanted me. I made my excuses and left the party. I walked down the hallway slowly and hoped that Mike would follow. I got to my apartment and there was no sign of Mike. Where was he? Was I imagining things? What the woops? Ugh!!!! I opened a bottle of wine and went to sit down when my bell rang. YES!!!!

Mike…there he was. At my door. A bottle of wine in his hand and a gorgeous smile…I let him in. “I thought you might need the company” He mumbled. “As long as you promise not to disappear on me again” I said calmly. We drank my bottle first and lets just say, by the time we got to the second bottle I was ready to jump his bones.

I watched his sexy lips talk and smile…I crossed and uncrossed my legs cos my pussy had a mind of its own and was getting a bit too excited! In the end I thought…woops it! I turned down the lights, put on some slow jams and went in for the kill. I sat on the sofa next to him and pushed my breasts forward towards him. I leaned in and whispered “we have some unfinished business”. 

Our lips met and his hand reached over to pull me closer. His tongue danced with mine. I moved over and straddled his lap. My little black dress had moved up to my thighs by now and I was exposed as wearing no knickers. His hands caressed my back and he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him.

His cock was right on my pussy and I started grinding my hips wishing our bodies were both naked. We kissed passionately and I slipped his t-shirt off, He pulled open my blouse and my breasts were now rubbing against his bare chest. His kiss was so intense that my whole body tingled at the thought of him doing what he was doing but to my pussy. I tried desperately to undo his jeans but he stopped me. He put my hands behind my back and kissed me hard. While one hand held my hands behind my back, the other reached over to my pussy. He ran a finger all around my clit then slowly rubbed my whole pussy. He slipped two fingers inside my dripping wet pussy and went in and out. He did it so slowly that my clit doubled in size and my juices flowed. I nearly screamed but he carried on kissing me.

Mike lay me on the floor and parted my legs. He looked me deep in the eye and kissed me. He moved down to my breasts and took each of them in his mouth. His tongue wriggled around my nipple. He sucked and squeezed my breasts then moved lower. He kissed the inside of my thighs softly and eventually reached my clit. His tongue explored all around my inner lips slowly. When he got to my hole he dipped his tongue inside and kept it there for a few seconds. He fucked my pussy with his tongue and made me cum all over his mouth. He licked up my juices and opened my legs even wider. held my thighs tightly and started licking my ass. Oh my god! 

His tongue felt so good dipping in and out of my asshole. He licked and fucked my ass then moved back to sucking my clit. I exploded again. As he sucked my clithe slipped two fingers into my pussy. His fingers fucked me whilst his mouth sucked me. Oh my god! He then slipped one finger out of my pussy and slid into my asshole. Wow! He fucked both my holes with his fingers whilst his mouth clung onto my throbbing clit. I never wanted him to stop. He fucked me faster and faster.I came again all over his fingers and mouth. He licked it all up.

Mike then bent me over and spanked my ass. Ohhhh! As he spanked it again, he kissed it. He kept spanking and spanking me then his tongue plunged deep into my asshole once again. As he fucked my asshole with his tongue he spanked me even harder. 

Next thing I know his cock was out of his trousers and he was stroking it as he licked my ass. I started to rub my clit and felt how wet my pussy was. It was soaking. Mike slipped his finger inside my ass and his cock inside my pussy. He did it so slowly and I felt every inch of his throbbing cock sliding into me. He now had two fingers up my ass. 

As his fingers moved in and out of my ass, his cock moved in and out of my pussy. It was a feeling that I wanted to experience for a long time. He fucked me harder and deeper. I started to scream. I screamed for him to woops me harder and never stop. I wanted his cock to stay inside me all night. His thrusts got faster and more intense. He held onto my hips and plunged his cock deeper and deeper inside me. I held onto him as he started shaking…he lost control and fucked me really hard and fast. I dug my nails into his hips and screamed for more. He started screaming too as he exploded inside me. He shuddered for a while and collapsed on top of me on my floor.
We couldn’t move?.

Each Party lasts two hours and features enthusiastic greedy girls and a maximum ratio of 2:1.
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