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It had been a terrible few months. Everything had gone wrong for her. It started when her relationship broke up in a messy sordid,manner. She never recovered. She went from bad to worse,much worse.

Her partner had been with her for five years. She felt her relationship solid. They had had affairs,admitted, shared,and tolerated. They had attended sex parties,orgies and swinging parties for years. Nothing ever upset them. But when he lied to and deceived her over his affair with her oldest friend.,she just could not take it. They had a huge, blazing, public row. She threw him out and changed the locks.

Initially, she was convinced it was the correct decision. However, as the weeks went by,she realised she was missing him,or at least their fabulous sex. It had always been terrific. She had never had a lover like him. He could arouse her with a look,a raised eyebrow,a sigh. She would have multiple orgasms without any
difficulty, coming again and again.

As the weeks passed her sexual frustration became worse and then intolerable. Unusually for her she could not relieve it at all. She used every method she could imagine,and some she had never considered before. She bought herself an array of new vibrators,finding a multi speed,multi- action model the best. She watched herself in her mirrored bedroom ,gently, and then frantically,fucking herself with this shiny device,seeing the many coloured tiny balls inside the casing moving this way and that,thrusting, expanding, contracting,rotating,always emitting it’s low pitched hum, buzzing,but never quite bringing herself off. She could not come. In her wretchedness, she twisted the instrument around,using the clitoral wand to caress, and later f**k her arse. Nothing,nothing worked. She tried one night
stands,but felt nothing. She submitted to rough sex. She visited a fashionable sex therapist,and had two brief lesbian affairs. It was all to no avail. She even lost her wetness,her essential self and womanhood. She felt totally empty and lost. She knew despair.

Her luck changed abruptly when she received a plain brown envelope in the post. Toher amazement,she had won first prize in a draw she did not even know she was entered in. It was a ten day ,all expenses paid holiday from Oberoi hotels, and Air India. All passengers from the previous three years had been entered into the ballot. She had won! It even included business class upgrade,and the choice of any available suite at any top Oberoi hotel. It was a fantastic prize,even including spending money and all other expenses.

Within three weeks she had made her choice and was in the Maharaja’s royal suite in the Jodhpur Hotel,the flagship of the group. It was unbelievable.

The hotel was all that she had imagined and more. She had a fabulous bedroom, sitting room, A huge bathroom with tub and separate walk-in shower, a jacuzzi, and her own private plunge pool on a vast balcony. The view to the rajasthan foothills ,with mountains towering above was breathtaking. She pinched herself hard to be sure it wasn’t a dream. It was not. She explored the gym,the spa, the infinity pools ,the massage suites. She met the staff and noticed the rugged ,muscular frame of the head masseur. Everything was on a massive scale. Sheer luxury..

She knew her luck would change .and she knew that she would meet the man of her dreams here. She searched the restaurant each evening ,the poolside each day,and the health suites,but to her chagrin she saw no one remotely attractive. She found herself thinking of her ex-lover. She almost wished him back,but consoled herself that she was well rid of him,the snake . She thought again of his betrayal. She began to fantasise, any man ,any man ,would do. Once she thought she caught sight of the profile of a man who might excite her. He vanished ,like all her imaginings.
he did not materialise. her tremendous frustration persisted, in spite of all these wonderful surroundings.

On the sixth evening she went to the gardens and stopped overlooking the valley with the mountains beyond. The temperature was perfect. A light breeze lightened the oppressiveness which had persisted since midday. It was heaven .Silence . Sh felt a degree of peace descend on her. It was dusk.

She heard no noise but became aware of someone close. It was a presence,no more than that. She shivered with an excitement she had not felt for months. She recognised her responses. She made no sound as his arms found her,caressing her shoulders,and seconds later kissing her neck,first in gentle tiny nibbles and licks,, and soon fuller kisses nibbling her neck and ear. She gasped,and felt the familiar but so sadly missed jolt go through her. It coursed all over her body She felt herself responding. She relaxed back onto this person,. For the first time in months she felt her body tingling.

The hands moved to her throat,descended over her neck,her breasts and to her lower belly. One hand was now caressing her left breast stroking her nipple. She felt her breasts swelling and throbbing. She felt her nipples stiffening. His fingers were squeezing her . She knew both her nipples were sticking out,hard ,erect ,pushing
through the thin silk of her sari. The other hand was stroking her belly. She pushed back against the hard body of the man. His right hand was feeling her pussy,insinuating his fingers between her labia,into her .She realised she was wet.

She felt a trickle of fk juice on the inside of her thigh. She pushed herself back against him,rubbing his abdomen, feeling his prick,stiffening between her buttocks. She felt the excitement she had longed for all these months.

His hands were everywhere. Her nipples were now on fire. He still caressed,touched,squeezed and rubbed her nipple. He was now moving himself against her. Her clitoris hardened,swelled,filled and thrust against his hand. She began to f**k his fingers more actively. his fingers sliding into her whenever she jerked her lower abdomen. She was aware of her breathing,faster deeper.,her skin erupting in goose pimples. The last thing she was feeling was cold but she was shivering in spite of herself.! This was perfection. She arched her neck back,feeling his mouth on her shoulders. She inhaled his smell. Something primitive was happening to her, Her feelings began to overwhelm her .She was losing control .

He suddenly wrenched, her thong ,ripping it off her. She felt his cock probing her vulva from behind. She was even more aware of her wetness. In spite of herself it was she who leant forwards,then pushed herself back onto him,spearing his cock in her c**t.She cried out in delight and lust, wanting more,wanting him deeper in her. All the time his fingers were stroking her clitoris. She felt their pressure. She thrust back harder and harder,with increasing abandon. She knew she was wild with her desire, and pleasure. She heard herself moaning,her breath coming in gasps. She knew now her months of waiting were over. Her orgasm almost took her by surprise.

The months of waiting and mounting frustration vanished. His prick seemed immense, filling her and stretching her as she f**ked with total exuberance. She no longer cared what noises she was making. She cared for nothing other than the wonderful sensations in her c**t,spreading over her whole body. She felt her c**t spasm,her juices squirting, her wetness on her legs dripping,dribbling from her. She still felt his glorious prick f**king her , but it was she who slowed her frantic thrusts,moving forwards and backwards more gently,savouring the wonderful sensations of her body,and his stiffness inside her. Her breathing slowed,until she could speak a few words. He remained hard and solid inside her. She twisted her head round until she could kiss her lover,kissing his mouth,inhaling his maleness, drinking in all that he had given her.

Her sari had fallen off completely. She was naked. She was totally unaware,in another world. He moved inside her again. Abruptly he withdrew completely, and began to move the head of his prick slowly up and down her crevice, anointing her arse with her juices. She was so wet. When he pushed against her she was not surprised.

It was as if she was expecting it,it seemed so natural They were still standing close,his front moulded to her back. She realised that it was she again who bent forward before thrusting back to trap his cock in her arse. She felt the thick bulbous head move through her tight anus,stretching her. For the first time she felt his pleasure as he began to fk her more vigorously. She felt his prick move higher in her rectum, and felt supreme excitement as the thick base of his prick stretched her anus wide. She returned his thrusts with increasing strength,each time their bodies meeting,seeming to push his prick even deeper in to her.. With each thrust she felt a heavenly sensation,a thrill of pleasure mixed with a little pain as he stretched her more. She felt she would split apart.. 

Their fucking grew more and more vigorous. She felt him pinch and squeeze her nipple. He slapped her thigh hard. She gasped letting out a cry. He slapped her again,the loud splat carrying over the lawns and courtyards. She was totally unaware of anything around her,caring only for the rising lust in her woops and her arse,the pressure on her clitoris, her passion,the pressure between their bodies, She was not aware of the noises of their fucking as she forced him into her even more powerfully. It could not go on. This time she felt wave upon wave of orgasmic spasms cascading through her body. She was on fire.

As she felt, or believed she felt his spunk inundating her bowel,she was unable to control herself at all,screaming with pleasure, lust. passion,enjoyment,a blissful release after so many months of barrenness. She heard his gasps of delirium as he came too. She felt his last few frantic thrusts. He was panting loudly. She felt and shared his pleasure and climax.

She was entirely unaware of the other guests gathered on the terrace,attracted by her shouts and ecstatic noises of passion and lust .She wasn’t aware of their clapping and cheering. It had been quite a spectacle.

She was not even aware of being picked up and carried to her suite,.

Later ,much later, as they held and caressed each other, she asked him what had taken him so long. He held her tightly, stopping her questions with more kisses. She began to cum again. Nothing else seemed to matter now. Questions would wait for another day lust.s satiate your sex drive and let you live out your fantasies, carnal competition can bring you closer together. It’s a win-win situation.

Each Party lasts two hours and features enthusiastic greedy girls and a maximum ratio of 2:1.
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