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Jennifer had decided to stay late and finish some last minute correspondence in her boss’s office and even though it was her birthday, she had lingered to finish. Besides, she was sure her husband had let it slip his mind again. She knew she was alone in the building except for the team of electricians who were placing new lines for a computer upgrade, so she left her door open and continued to work. At times, she could hear them in the hallway, laughing about some unheard joke. Soon one of the men appeared at her open doorway, somewhat surprised that anyone else was in the building. Exchanging pleasantries, Jen and Stan, as she soon learned his name talked of the weather and other generalities. “Do you mind if I work in here a while?” Stan asked eventually. Soon he had brought in some tools and began to work .

As Stan climbed up on a ladder to measure for a conduit, Jen noticed the huge bulge extending down the left leg of his jeans. Hearing her gasp loudly, Stan asked if everything was alright. Jen, unable to lift her gaze said, “Oh, my , yes”. Stan, sensing her attraction then asked if she could hand him a pencil from the floor. Jen, more than willing to comply, walked over to the base of the ladder and retrieved the pencil . Standing beside him, Jen pulled her top slightly lower, exposing the rounded mound of her breasts and the lacy top of her bra. As she handed Stan the pencil., she pretended to lose her balance, grabbing his leg as she fell. Her hand contacted his cock at upper thigh and slowly slid it’s length feeling the massive head at its terminus. Stan groaned, smiling, and asked if she was hurt. As she stood at eye level with the biggest cock she could ever imagine, she looked upward to the man saying simply , “Show me…”

Jennifer, at 51 years old , was still very attractive. Her hair was a light brown, peppered with gray. Her hazel eyes still glimmered when she was excited. Though she thought herself overweight, her figure remained nice with ample breasts that terminated with constantly erect nipples. Her pussy was still very tight and the mere feel of her panties rubbing against her clit and full, pouty lips kept her moist. Jen also had never experienced the feel of any man’s hands on her body or cock inside her except her husband’s. Looking at Stan’s growing bulge and thinking of her own husband’s small cock, Jen decided that now was the time to be adventurous.

Stan, smiling slightly now, turned toward her, still standing on the ladder. Unhooking his tool belt, he handed it to Jennifer. Then unsnapping his jeans, he slowly started to unzip them. Reaching down, he now took Jen’s hands and placed them on the waistband of his pants. Her face now directly in front of him, she could smell his sweat and muskiness through his pants. Pulling down slowly, she noticed he was wearing no underwear and as she tugged harder, more and more cock came in to view. Finally, with his pants almost to his knees, the whole thing swung free and dangled inches from her widening eyes. In front of her was a huge shaft ta least 10 inches long still soft and so thick, she doubted her hands could encircle it , thick veined with a mushroomed head glowing with sweat and a trace of sticky pre-cum. Jennifer groaned a low gutteral moan and holding it with both hands lifted the still flaccid cock away from Stan’s leg , licking the tip and caressing the underside with her tongue. Pulling the monster to her, Jen opened her mouth as far as possible and greedily worked the throbbing, hardening head into her hot mouth. Stan now groaned loudly and reached in his shirt pocket for a small radio. Jennifer, busy sucking and stroking the now hardening monster with both hands did not even notice him speaking softly to someone on another radio.

Jennifer, unable to contain herself slipped her dress off quickly. Soon her panties, bra and slip lay with it on the floor behind her as Stan continued to stand on the ladder. Walking, naked except for a pair of thigh high stockings, to the window, she started to close the blinds but stopped when she saw several men at the window opposite hers gathering to watch. Laughing to herself, she left the blinds open and turning, walked seductively back to Stan. Working now with both hands, Jen had managed to awaken the beast even more. 

As she licked the underside, her mouth stretched to take the massive head farther inside. Stan, now moaning, was enjoying the sensation of her hot mouth and supple tongue and reaching down, placed one hand on her head, guiding Jen’s mouth farther and farther onto his cock. As she sucked, Jen stroked the length with both hands. Now she noted that both her hands barely circled Stan’s cock and the length once fully aroused, must have been a foot or more. Groaning and sucking, she could taste drops of salty, slick cum already on her tongue. The cool air on her naked skin caused her nipples to harden and she moaned lowly, the thought of standing naked in her office sucking this stranger’s cock further exciting her and she felt her pussy moisten without any other stimulation.

Suddenly, Jen was surprised to feel hands all over her naked body. She had been so busy sucking Stan’s cock, she had not noticed the other six men enter the room, much less see them all undress. Pulling the massive head from her aching mouth, Jennifer let herself go fully, walked among the men, pulling their hands to her tits and wet pussy as she fondled each man’s cock. Stan, with his cock now nearly erect , descended the ladder and finished undressing. “Boys” he said ” looks like we get a bonus this time”. Jennifer, sat on the floor and looked around at the forest of cocks surrounding her. Smilling , she said seductively, ” I’ll be the one getting all the bonuses tonight…” As she knelt , she felt her pussy getting wet to the point of dripping on the floor. She noted the cocks gauged anywhere from the 6 inches she considered average to two that were slightly thinner but inches longer than Stan’s massive member. Motioning them toward her, Jennifer knelt as the men encircled her and alternately sucking and stroking cocks in groups of three, she soon had all seven cocks erect and eager. Giggling to herself, she imagined how she must look, surrounded by naked men in her own boss’s office as she savored the feel of hot flesh filling her mouth and hands caressing her tense naked body

Standing, Jen led the men to the table in the center of her boss’s office. Looking out the open window, she was determined to give the men still gathered at the windows of the neighboring office a real show. Lying on her back, she positioned herself so her legs and head draped off opposite sides of the table allowing the spectators to view her exhibition. “Well”, she whispered ,“Who is first?”. As the men surrounded her, their hands covered her body, caressing her breasts, stomach and outstretched throat. One of the men positioned himself at her head and guided his still semi- flaccid cock into Jen’s open mouth. Groaning, she felt the man’s cock grow as it hardened with each pulse, filling her mouth so fully, she could only squeal around it’s fullness and sucked it deep into her mouth as she felt another huge , hard cock push against her drenched cunt and then past her engorged pussy lips to bury deep inside her in one motion .

The sensation of a massive cock thrust to the balls into her wet hole as another cock fucked her willing mouth was too much. She had never had more the a 5 inch cock inside her, and now felt a foot of thick, hard manhood being buried repeatedly to the hilt and another huge member sliding in and out of her sucking mouth. As the man’s balls slapped against her ass and the length of rock hard cock rubbed over her erect clit with each stroke and the bulbous head of the man’s pole pulling her engorged pussy lips in and out , she orgasmed. She had felt orgasms before, but nothing like this. It came in passionate waves, her body bucking against the men’s cocks, trying to pull them both deeper inside as her breath came in short pants and a long gutteral moan escaped her. She involuntarily arched her back, her head dropping further back as the cock in her mouth pistoned in and out. Reaching out, she now felt a fat cock in each hand and squeezed and jerked them as she continued to orgasm.. Bucking against the cock inside her and furiously sucking the man’s cock in her mouth, Jen felt herself let go.

Huge contracting spasms radiated from her clit upward and outward. Grasping the two cocks, she could now could do no more than hang on. Her back involuntarilly arched more as hands continued to fondly her tits, her nipples hardened like huge pink erasers, and more fingers found her erect clit, her throat and belly . Her mind now in a fog of pleasure, she felt roll after roll of orgasm sweep over her and now she heard the men groan as the two cocks skewering her stiffened simultaneously. The man fucking her lunged fully inside her and began to shoot load after loads of hot , silky cum inside her spasming pussy. Feeling this, she spasmed again, continuing to cum repeatedly until she no longer attempt to separate or count the orgasms.

Freeing her hands from the two cocks she held, Jennifer grasped the man’s hips above her head, pulling his cock deeper into her hot mouth as she sucked harder and harder. The few times she had sucked her husband’s cock, Jennifer had never wanted him to cum in her mouth, allowing it only a couple times in their 30 years of marriage, but now, the feeling of swallowing massive loads of these cum from these cocks was all she wanted . Freeing herself momentarily, she turned over onto her stomach and pulled the man to her again. Sucking him deeply inside her mouth, Jen began to suck and use her tongue on the underside of the huge cock simultaneously. In seconds, the man’s cock began to buck and spew an enormous load of salty, slick cum into her mouth and she managed to continue sucking and swallowing until the man’s cock was emptied .

Now on her hands and knees on the table, Jennifer sucked the men’s cocks as others took turns pounding her willing pussy from behind until each pair of men had a turn skewering her in front of the open window as workers looked from the other building . As each man would shoot a hot salty, sticky load into her mouth, he would be replaced by the man previously fucking her pussy from behind, and it aroused her even more to taste each man’s load mixed with the taste of her own juices, before swallowing each full load as they came in her throat. A low gutteral moan again escaped her as she sucked the last man dry, holding his now softening cock as long as she could in her mouth , savoring the taste and wondering what would come.

With cum streaming from her still gaping pussy, Jen rolled onto her back again, her breasts still heaving from the exertion of such a hard fuck and so many orgasms. The men , by now were all laughing and stroking themselves to maintain their hardness. Jen stood slowly, leading Stan and the others to the sofa and had them pull it to the center of the room. Turning to see if her audience was still there, she looked directly to them and seductively ran her fingers from her dripping pussy , up her body to her mouth before turning her attention back to the men in the room . Sitting Stan on the edge of the couch, Jennifer with her back to him, straddled his legs, and placing one of her own feet on the couch on each side of his legs , began to lower herself onto his hardened manhood. 

Feeling the head spreading her open, Jen groaned loudly and with a gutteral squeal inpaled herself to the base of his cock. Uttering a animal moan, she swayed back and forth pulling him totally inside her. Never had she ever imagined being so filled by such a massive, rock hard, throbbing cock. The breadth pushed her wet pussy walls open in all directions and the swell of the thick head made her grasp each time she felt it slide into and out of her pussy. She felt parts of her deep inside being caressed that she never knew existed and the huge head pushed against her g-spot with each thrust in or out , and she felt gushes of her juices squirted out with each plunge of Stan’s cock, thoroughly soaking the man and the couch under them in a combination of pussy juice and cum.

Totally filled, Jen felt Stan slowly start to fuck her as the other men ran their hands over her quivering body, cupping her full, heaving breasts and pulling her thighs apart to see the spectacle and caress her erect, swollen clit. After a dozen strokes, Jennifer was being lifted off the man completely as he fucked her so hard his cock was completely leaving her gaping pussy before slamming back inside. Jen , beginning to orgasm from the frantic fucking, already had begun to spasm again and moan out until a huge cock head loomed in front of her face and filled her mouth again. Unable to bear any more, she began to shudder, her pussy squirting around the cock inside her and moaning past the cock filling her mouth. After having her pussy repeatedly impaled and sucking the rod in her mouth for another twenty minutes, as the other men cheered them on and continued to caress every inch of Jen’s quivering body , Jen felt both cocks begin to spasm. 

After a dozen more strokes her pussy was filled to overflowing with hot silky cum as she sucked furiously to swallow the load squirting deep in her throat. She had once seen a show in Germany when a woman was fucked by a group of men and she had seen the amount of cum that filled the woman’s gaping cunt and mouth when they all had cum,and now she thought she was having that much pumped into her and she shuddered as more orgasms overtook her as she thought of how it must look . Finally, after a final dozen strokes, as the cocks filling her pussy and mouth softened and slid out of her , Jen felt other hands caressing and probing her swollen cunt and knew much more was to come.

Jennifer was now totally limp, lying back onto Stan’s chest. One of the men pulled a square coffee table from an adjacent office into the room and Jen felt many hands assisting her to her unsteady feet. One of the men with an immensely long, thin cock lay on his back on the table, his manhood standing like a flag pole. Walking to him, Jen placed her hands on either side of his hips and lowered her hot mouth to his tense balls and then licking the underside of the monster , moved to the head of his cock. Opening her mouth widely, she lowered her mouth onto him until the tip was against the back of her throat and her pendulous tits brushed hard nipples against his thighs. 

Quickly closing her mouth around the cock, she pushed herself back and off of him. She giggled at the man’s reaction and climbing onto the table and stood over the man. Peering out the window to her admirers, she noticed that several had their pants down and were stroking their own hard cocks as they watched her performance, Jennifer knelt and lowering herself, felt her pussy lips part as she pushed herself onto the waiting monster under her. Lubricated by the loads of cum still inside her, Jen moaned softly as she impaled herself. Now on her knees ,straddling the man, Jennifer looked at the rest of the men and asked;“Any more?...”.

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