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All you need to play is a vivid imagination and a healthy sexual

Spin the Bottle, Two Minutes in the Closet, Strip Poker, Naked Twister. Erotic seduction involves much more than candlelight, soft music, strawberries, and champagne. If you really want to play a sexy game and make sex sizzle, you need to think well beyond the bedroom. Unleash your masterful wild side and try out some new sexy adventures that will delight you both.Sex games not only break up bedroom boredom, they also open up the lines of communication and give you an excuse to expand your sexual repertoire. Oh yeah, and did I mention that sex games add a new meaning to fun between the sheets?

 Tip 1): get naughty Ever wonder why making love anywhere besides the bedroom is such a turn-on? Carrying out forbidden sexual antics is a surefire way to get sexual energy pumping through your veins. The knowledge that you're breaking the rules, so to speak, and the idea of getting caught, definitely serves as quite the aphrodisiac.

Tip 2): savor the anticipation Sexual anticipation leads to the greatest sex, that's no secret. And once you engage in some kinky fun, you'll always be left wondering what's coming up next (besides you, of course).

Tip 3): make "sexy" a lifestyle Make sexiness part of your everyday life. That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to engage in sex every day, just don't behave in a sexual or sensual manner only when you want to get down and dirty.

Tip 4): push your limits It's time to boldly go where you never knew you could go before. Explore the boundaries of your inhibitions. So long as both of you are willing and interested, anything goes. Take things beyond vanilla sex and enjoy every minute of it. Even if you only do certain things once, reliving the memory when you're making love will serve as a sexual enhancer anyway.

Let the games begin! The best part of provocative playtime is that no one loses. Not only does playing sex games satiate your sex drive and let you live out your fantasies, carnal competition can bring you closer together. It’s a win-win situation.

Each Party lasts two hours and features enthusiastic greedy girls and a maximum ratio of 2:1.
Please look at the schedule page for the full weeks rota.

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SINGLE, unaccompanied guyz are very welcomed. In fact, more the merrier!!!
Attendance by reservation only. Look forward to welcoming you all very soon

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