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Saturday was the same every week a load of callouts from people who had lost there keys somewhere staggering home from the bars smelling of beer and vomit. This Saturday was no different a call out to the local army base some guy out hooking up with the local slut misplacing his room key happens at least once a month.On arriving at the base I signed into the guardhouse waiting to be driven across camp to the living quarters, this time however I was taken to a small building the other side of camp, a place I never knew was there, the woman’s barracks. Walking through the corridor being groped by drunk woman soldiers in uniform was a new experience feeling powerless like some kind of role reversal.
Outside the room stood a short haired blonde woman in her army green uniform leaning against the door banging her head in disappointment. The way she stood showed the curves of the body I couldn’t help but imagine her naked except for bra, panties and the army hat she was wearing. As I got closer our eyes met just for that split second before I couldn’t help but let my eyes slip to her chest.

“Eyes up, boy, it’s the door you should be looking at nothing else”

with that I turned my attention to the lock in question sliding my tools inside manipulating the levers and eventually opening the door. Inside was spotless nothing out of place, as we entered her attitude seemed to relax a little and while we discussed the price.

“Please be gentle I had my bag taken while partying at that new club senses, Penolope the manager caught the guy but my keys and cards were missing”

“It would be best to change the locks as well just in case. Since I do a lot of work for the army and since you had a bad night we’ll call it $130 if that’s ok”

After agreeing she left me alone in her room while she went to borrow the money off her friend. Sitting on the end of her bed my eyes began to roam over her photos showing her in types different uniform, moving closer for a better look I noticed a few loose photos were hiding behind the frames. Unable to resist flicking through them, seeing her lying on the bed naked her hands barely covering her nipples and pubic mound all in different positions but none revealing any more letting the imagination drift, is she hairy, trimmed or shaved, big or small nipples, my mind working overtime as I could feel the blood rushing towards my now semi erect manhood.

Trying to push all thoughts away in case she returned I quickly stowed the best picture into my back pocket returning the rest back making sure everything was back in place and returning to my place sitting on the bed, wondering if the photos were taken on this same bed and if so by whom since men generally aren’t allowed in the women’s barracks. 20 minutes later my army girl returned.

“My name is Tiff by the way, let me thank you next Saturday and take you out for a beer in club senses I’m there most weekends if you fancy it”

My heart racing at the chance to see Tiff in a more relaxed atmosphere, I agreed that I would try my best to meet her there the next weekend. With that she handed over the money for the work. Forgetting about the picture of her in my back pocket I removed my wallet to put the money away only to discover that the picture had fallen on the floor. Moving quickly to recover the photo only Tiff was quicker, holding the picture up I could see the beginning of a wicked smile as my face turned a burning red with embarrassment and guilt.

Tiff made a rush for the door slamming it closed putting on the bolt latch before I even had time to think, my heart beating faster with each breath wondering what she had planned, hoping that the police wouldn’t be called. She stood staring at me for what seemed like hours a thin smile crossing for face.

“I hope you got something to show since you been sneaking around in here. I suggest you strip and it better be worth seeing”

At her words I started to remove my shirt unveiling my toned, smooth stomach and muscular arms. Tiff moved towards me running her hands up and down my chest stroking along my arms before moving her attention to unbuttoning my jeans, I try to pull her towards me only to have my hands slapped away and pushed onto the bed removing my jean and boxers in one swift motion and told to turn over and don’t look.

My head buried into the pillow not knowing what she was planning behind me, hearing noises of draws being opened and closed followed by the tones of the cell phone hoping against hope that she wasn’t messaging people to see me in my humiliation. Risking a glance I gently turned my head only to have it pushed back down into the pillow as she straddled my butt. Warm liquid pouring over my back she began massaging first my shoulders moving down my arms, shoulders down to my lower back, feeling myself relax under her control.

I could feel her naked legs against my side as her hands worked there magic over my body, the feel of her panties rubbing against me as she worked the feeling rough but yet somehow erotic knowing that only thin lace separated her moist slit from my naked body. Applying more lotion I could feel her hands moving slowly down over my buttocks pressing hard from one cheek then the other.

As more liquid was squirted between my cheeks feeling a finger following the path the oil had gone, I wanted to cry out, throw her off, anything to stop her pressing my hole but finding it somehow pleasurable and naughty, never quite entering just holding it there pressing. Feeling my body relax as these strange new sensations erupted within she pushed through my boundaries.

“Now I’m going to punish you for snooping around for pictures to jerk off to”

Tiff slid off me, unable to move my body still savouring the new found pleasure, I could hear the sound of what I hoped was clothes being removed, rocking back and forth making my shaft rub against the sheets as the possibility of her riding me increased. Within moments Tiff had returned sitting on top of my legs more oil being poured between my ass before having it penetrated once more.

The more I relaxed the more I found that such a taboo act could bring such much pleasure as she moved faster inside enlarging my prostate, suddenly I realised that Tiff had two hands resting on my back so how could a finger be inside, using her arms as leverage I could feel her thighs slapping against me faster and more frequent, my cock rubbing against the sheets with each stroke she took giving extra sensation, my blood boiling, my body tensed releasing my seed under me letting out a joyous moan. She reduced pace, withdrawing with care so as not to spoil the moment.

Laying next to me her arms pulling me closer her welcoming lips caressing mine as our tongues massage each others, my hands stroking her baby soft skin feeling her prickle at my touch her arms tensing forcing our bodies to entwine our legs moving between each other. Bending my knee allowing it to rise between her legs over her thighs towards her gleaming wet slit, feeling her start to move along my thigh feeling the warmth of her juice with each pass.

The kissing deepened with Tiff starting to bite my lower lip increasing in pressure as she let out subtle sounds of enjoyment. Rolling her onto her back widening her legs positioning myself between them feeling her push my shoulders down while arching her back manoeuvring her brown soft nipple along my parting lips. Kissing one breast teasing the nipple with my teeth, my hand cupping the full circumference of the other my fingers rolling the tip.

My lips surrounding her nipple sucking as they harden, gentle moans escaping her lips as I kiss each breast in turn moving down over her navel towards her trimmed pubic mound, her hands pushing he top of head forcing kisses to slide onto here welcoming clit. Using my tongue to part her outer lips running along the length of her pussy my palm resting on her groin while she thrusts her hips forward pushing my tongue inside her. Using my two fingers to unveil her hood allowing a third to explore with smooth strokes as the wetness engulfs my face.

Tiff’s moans increase in length and volume as her thighs clamp my head between them, her hips pushing back and forth positioning my tongue deeper and deeper inside her. Her hand overlapping mine pushing down increasing the pressure on her soaking clit while her other grasped the sheet her knuckles whitening. Her breathing quickening before releasing one orgasmic scream followed shortly by another, my head clamped within this flesh vice unable to move.

Retreating back up, her eyes glazed over once more embraced her nails digging hard into my back leaving a burning trail in there path. Arranging my body enabling my erect shaft to rest at the opening of her warm vagina her legs broadening allowing full, deep penetration our bodies moving as one.

Her legs locking over by buttocks controlling the speed intensifying each stroke with her added force. Her nailing sinking into my raw back making me increase rhythm under the extra pain. Moving her towards my neck she proceeded to kiss my neck lightly at first adding pressure every couple of strokes. Her breathing becoming rapid as her teeth sunk into my neck as her body quivered into orgasm, the increase in pain yet pleasure erupting inside of me as I came inside her.

Slowing down, allowing ourselves to relax in each others arms with gentle touches. Rolling to the side catching a glimpse in the mirror my back covered in deep scratches and blood, Tiff busting out laughing.

“Told you I’d punish you for stealing a picture to jerk to, next time you might think twice”

nodding in agreement, when in my mind all I could think was the experience and new found pleasure was worth the pain.

Each Party lasts two hours and features enthusiastic greedy girls and a maximum ratio of 2:1.
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