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The Boyfriend

She hadn't seen her boyfriend in such a long time and her sexual frustration was driving her crazy. Trying to focus on her work, sexual images kept flashing through her mind. She couldn't take it anymore. At her computer, she started reading some erotic stories. It was so naughty, but it felt so good. As the story brought tantalising images to her head, she slowly traced her finger along her body. With one hand, she traced around her pussy and tugged on her pubic hairs. The story was a fantasy where a special amulet would release the pent up sexual desires of the people around you. She imagined having the amulet as she visited all the cute guys that she would fantasise about. The thought of cheating on her boyfriend got her hot and bothered, as she started rubbing her wet pussy in a circular motion while grabbing her breast with her other hand.

She imagined the cute neighbour being completely under her control, holding her down and giving it to her exactly how she needed it. The thoughts were building up inside, and she started moaning. Thinking that the very neighbour that she was fantasising about could hear her got her even more excited. In the heat of the moment, she started saying his name, and begged for him to fuck her.

"Please, I need it... please." she moaned, as she became more and more desperate.

The sexual release of an orgasm was close, but her fantasy to be fucked hard made it impossible. She wanted to be kissed and loved, and doing it herself just wasn't going to cut it. She tried to get off, but sighed in frustration, as she turned the computer off, finished her work and went to bed.

As she slept, her sexual desires beckoned her. Her mind, tingling with the thoughts of sex, created vivid images of hot passionate love. In her dream, she was at work and two of her work mates who she always thought were sexy, were eyeing her up and down. They knew what she needed, so at the same time, they got up and started kissing her all over.

She had never had such a vivid erotic dream before. Both these men were obsessed with her, holding her, kissing her, stripping her. One grabbed her arms and held her down, while the other pulled off her pants and licked her from her knee to her pussy.

At the moment of pleasure when he touched her vagina, the sexual excitement started to pull her out of her dream world.

"No, no..." she said out loud...

As she woke, she couldn't see anything. She felt some thing on her face. A blindfold? What was going on?

Some one was in her bed with her! The feeling of someone licking her leg really happened.

"No, don't." she said, as she feigned resistance. She tried to push him off, but realised that her hands were tied to the bed.

He knew that she couldn't let anyone know that she was enjoying this, and for her, he played along, holding her down as he kissed her all over. While she said no, her body was moving erotically. The masturbation from before only made the sexual build up more intense. Squirming, and rubbing her thighs together, she desperately wanted his kisses to trace back to her pussy. She needed it so bad, and the sexual excitement of being made love to by a stranger was one of her innermost secret fantasies.

She gave off an incredible heat from her genitals which gave away her sexual lust. As he felt it, he smiled and teased her some more, tracing around her erogenous zone over her panties. He tugged them down a bit, and this small gesture caused her to moan with desire. Teasing her some more, he only revealed her pubic region, tugging on the hairs.

She thought to herself, please... stop teasing me.... as she said, "Please, stop..." in a sexually suggestive manner.

Smiling at her attempts to play innocent, he replied, playing along,

"No, my love, tonight you are all mine."

"The voice, so unfamiliar. Who is it..." she thought. He must be the neighbour; he must have heard her call his name. That was the most rational explanation, but she couldn't recognise his voice and the mystery was so exciting, the mere touch of her wet pussy would send her in to sexual ecstasy.

Letting go of her panties, they snapped back up. She sighed in frustration, but then tried to turn it in to a moan of resistance.

"mmmm, stop.... no...."

As she said this, he caressed the back of her neck and kissed her. His tongue aggressively and erotically exploring her mouth, she exploded in ecstasy as she kissed him back, hard and passionately. Rubbing her begging cunt against him, she gave up any idea of resistance.

As he pulled away from the kiss, her lips followed his, begging for more. "What do you want? Tell me." he whispered to her.

"Fuck me." She said, reacting to his question with pure sexual desire.

The vulgar words turned him on as he reached around her back with one hand, pulled her to him, darting his other hand down in to her panties, rubbing her cunt while he kissed her long and hard.

That was it. With the one erotic move, she burst in orgasm, gyrating her hips against his hand, she moaned loud and hard. Pulling away from his kiss, she couldn't concentrate on anything but the amazing orgasm. Moaning... she loved it... her vagina tightened up, and juices secreted out of her, running all along his fingers. As she shuddered from the waves of ecstasy, she pulled her face towards him. Seeing this, he kissed her. She gave him a kiss of satisfaction, one that says thank you... Thank you...

Pulling away, he untied her hands. As she tried to take the blindfold off, he held it.

"No, let it be a mystery." he said.

With her hand on her blindfold she hesitated. The pleasure and excitement of the unknown was insatiable, but she couldn't take it any longer, she had to see who he was. She pulled the blindfold off.

She was in her empty room. For a second, she wondered if it was a dream, but the blindfold in her hand was real.

Her body warm, and tingling all the way to her toes. She caressed herself as she savoured the moment. Thinking about his hard, strong body, giving her exactly what she wanted, she rubbed herself. Wondering if he was going to come back, she wanted to call his name, but didn't know who to call. The sexual thoughts drove her mad as she brought herself to another orgasm then fell back asleep from exhaustion.

Waking up, she was disappointed to see the man not around. At work as she tried to focus but the sexual feelings kept distracting her. She kept imagining his hand on her, holding her down, giving her such satisfaction. While wet from the thoughts, she tried to remain inconspicuous to everyone around her. Every time she remembered the feeling of his hands grasping her, she would squirm. Checking the time, all she could think about was getting home.

Later, when she could be alone, she got comfortable and held the blindfold in the one hand as she slowly ran her fingers over her body. Remembering his warmth, his embrace, she pleasured herself. Rubbing her clitoris with one hand while thrusting her fingers in her vagina, she imagined his hard penis, thinking about it going in and out of her. The thoughts didn't take her long before she was moaning in ecstasy. With a screaming orgasm, she let herself completely go. Thinking about the neighbour hearing her and fucking her hard only made it more intense.

"oh yes, oh God yes..." she said loudly as she receded.

She brought herself to two more orgasms that evening. Completely exhausted, she fell asleep in her bed, sweaty, still holding the blindfold.

Dreaming, she was at work again, she was fingering her pussy. Around her, people were staring, but getting turned on. All around her, one by one, her work mates joined in, rubbing themselves in public. Across from her, she seen her two friends start making out. It didn't take long before everyone was kissing, rubbing, fucking.... The place was exploding in to an orgy, and once again, the sexual excitement woke her up.

She woke up to her ultimate desire. The blindfold was on again, and she could feel that he was naked on top of her, already passionately embarrassing her.

"Ohhh, I've been waiting so long." She whispered to him.

As their hands rubbed each other all over, he replied, "I know."

He was already rubbing her vagina, and kissing her like the events in the day never happened, like they were exactly in the same position as last night.

She loved it, she ran her hands all over his body, feeling his sculpted muscles. As she was already moaning in passion, she tried to feel for a clue of who this amazing man who could bring her so much pleasure could be.

He tore of her panties, and pulled her arms over his head. She tried to resist, tried to pull the blindfold off, even tried to run her finger down his arm to give her the smallest clue to who it could be. His body didn't feel like the neighbours, she expected an older man, but this person was young, and athletic.

As she felt his cock on the entrance to her wet pussy, she stopped caring. She needed it, she burned for it, just the feeling of his cock was getting her so wet. With her soaking wet pussy, he easily thrust his cock in as she let out a deep long satisfying moan. As he started to thrust in and out, he held her arms down behind her head, increasing her pleasure.

"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me!" she yelled.

Pounding her, he used his other arm, to feel her body. He ran it up her sensual bronze skin, appreciating every curve, every part. She felt completely amazing with this mans hand running along her, as his penis thrust in and out. With his other hand, he let go of her arms, and delicately ran it behind her curly black hair, embracing the back of her neck, he kissed her. With both of her hands, she placed it around his head, embracing him, loving every moment. Their tongues danced together, increasing her pleasure, exciting her, she couldn't take it any longer...

"Oh god, oh god...."

She moaned as she started to shake. Her orgasm was earth shattering, she convulsed at the feeling, and her vagina gripped his penis tightly...

Seeing her come so hard brought him over the edge, he pulled out and came on her stomach, with a long satisfying grunt.

"oh... wow..." he said... That was the best.

The End

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