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The new neighbour

Since the first day I moved into my building I had always secretly fancied one of my neighbours. The first time I saw him I had a great session masturbating and imagined that he was in the room with me.

I finally got my window of opportunity a couple of days ago when I was on my way out and he was on his way in. I plucked up the courage to say more than hello. I gave him my best smile and looked him in the eye and said “what’s your name?”. That took a lot but he responded anyway and I said to him that any time he ever wants to come to mine for a beer he should feel free to knock on my door. I made sure that he noticed my very low cut dress and my boobs being one button away from popping out! I caught him starring and I just smiled and went on my way. I could tell he was staring at my ass as I walked away and I loved it. Slut! hehe!

He didn’t come the next day so I lost hope and kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t bump into him…especially if he wasn’t interested.

Anyway, last night after taking a long soak, I got changed for bed and was cuddled up watching my one of my favourite pornos ‘The devil in Miss Jones’. My doorbell rang….

As I opened the door he was about to walk away. It was him!! “Hi Mike” I almost screamed. He walked back and never said a word. He just stared at me and next thing I know his lips were connected to mine. Oh my god! Our tongues were dancing in tune with each other. He grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him. I struggled to close the door as his hands were all over me. He kissed me hard and passionately. I could feel my nipples getting hard and my clit swelling up. He pushed me up against the door and kissed my neck. At the same time he grabbed my wrists and pinned me against the door. He kissed me all over my neck and untied my dressing gown. His hand were slowly reaching inside my gown and touching every inch of my back. Then he moved onto my hard erect nipples…his lips kissed my chest then he took my nipple in his mouth. I groaned as he sucked and squeezed my boobs with his strong hands.

Oh god! I was sure my pussy was dripping wet by now. His hands were moving towards my thighs and I was dying for him to touch my pussy…instead he just touched me everywhere apart from there. I started to get frustrated but he just kissed me some more. He grabbed me and pulled me towards the stairs as he carried on kissing me. He bent me over and threw off my robe. My little nightie was pushed over my arse and my shaved pussy exposed. He kissed me softly all over my bum cheeks…now my juices were starting to roll down my leg… He started using his tongue and ran it up and down my crack…oh god! I was so close to cumming it was unbelievable. He tongue now stopped around my ass hole and he circled it slowly. He pushed my cheeks further apart and stuck his tongue deep into my ass. He slowly started to move in and out. Oh my god! He started to run his hands slowly up my thighs and wiped my juices with his fingers. His fingers slowly reached my clit. As he fucked my ass with his tongue he gently circled my clit with his finger. I wanted more! Once again I let out a frustrated groan. That’s when he moved from licking my ass to more or less taking my whole pussy into his mouth and flicking my clit with his tongue as he let it out again. He went in for another mouth full and I was ready to explode. My juices poured out even more and my knees started shaking.He pulled me up from my position and lay me on the floor. All this time never saying a word.

He knelt between my legs and parted my very wet lips. He buried his tongue deep into my pussy and at that moment I exploded inside his mouth. He started licking faster and faster and I just kept cumming. I nearly squeezed his head between my thighs. He licked me some more and stuck his finger up my ass. Whilst I was still cumming he fucked my ass with his finger and I thought I was gonna go through the roof. Oh my god! I was now begging him to stick his cock inside me. I wanted it now! I pulled him on top of me and kissed him whilst I tried to undo his pants. I could feel his big cock hard inside his pants and I wanted to get it out and stick it inside me. I got on my knees and he lay back against the door. I took his huge cock out and put it in my mouth. I ran my tongue all along his huge shaft and reached the tip. I licked it slowly and slipped it into my mouth. I moved it in and out whilst flicking my tongue. I could feel his cock growing even more. I didn’t want him to cum without fucking me first. He grabbed my head and shoved it onto his cock…guess he didn’t want me to stop. I sucked him and wanked him. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier. I sucked deeper and caressed his shaft. He started to shake…oh no! I kept sucking and licking his cock and he told me not to stop. His cock was about to explode, I could feel it getting bigger and bigger in my mouth. He then let out a scream as he filled my mouth with his cum. It was so much that when I moved my mouth away some of it dribbled onto my tits. He looked at me and said nothing. I swallowed his hot cum and licked my lips.

After a few moments I got up and went to get us a drink cos I think we needed it. When I got back, he was gone.

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