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Tied and Tested

I lie here, naked and vulnerable, waiting for my lady to return. It’s only been five minutes, but without her presence, her scent, the desolation and loneliness presses in on me, and it feels like hours. I flex my wrists in the padded restraints. They’re tight, but not uncomfortable. We bought this bed especially, wrought iron headboard and footer, perfect for the kind of play we like. This time it’s my turn to be shackled. I hear her light footsteps on the stairs, an angel’s tread. I concentrate to maintain the erection she encouraged me to before she left. She won’t punish me if I’m not hard for her, but my aim tonight is not to disappoint her at any cost, my princess, my angel.

She enters the room, lit by the soft glow of candle light and concealed bulbs. Dark enough to be seductive, but light enough that I can see her outline framed in the doorway, that shapely figure. Dressed as she likes to be, in black. High heels, hold-ups to mid-thigh, tiny black satin boy shorts that strain over her mons and bottom. A corset, black satin as well, though with detail and stitching picked out in red. A black velvet choker completes the ensemble. As always when I see her like this my heartbeat increases, and my cock hardens. I want her. I want to enter her and feel her heat. But that isn’t going to happen, not tonight. Tonight she’s in control. The main object of tonight sits on a silver platter balanced effortlessly on her left hand. A simple object, something similar seen by hundreds of people every day, and dismissed just as easily. A water bottle, but in silver. She picks it up in her right hand and places it in the waiting bowl of water, itself sat over a candle to keep warm.
She walks over to me, and leaning over, touches her lips to mine. I taste menthol and crimson lipstick and I breathe in her heady aroma.

“I want you” I breathe.

“Not tonight,” she responds, pulling away.

I try to lean forwards to capture her lips again, but the shackles prevent me. She climbs onto the bed and straddles me, sitting on my thighs and facing towards me. She looks down and smiles

“You’ve remained hard for me, you’re such a good boy.” She moves forward, covering my rock hard penis with her satin-clad underwear. She puts her hands on my chest and starts to rub forwards and backwards. I can feel the heat of her pussy through the thin material. I can feel my cock start to get damp. It’s all too much for me.

“I want to come” I whisper “But you can’t, can you?” she says “No” “Why?” “Because you haven’t said the three magic words” “Good boy, you remembered!” she smiles.
Tonight, I’ll do anything for her approval.

Moving backwards and forwards and couple more times for good measure, my love reverses her position and presents her bottom to me. She moves backwards until her pussy is almost up against my face.

“Take a deep breath, but no licking” She commands
“Yes, my Angel”

I move my head forwards and bury my nose in the soaking cloth. Her aroma assaults my senses, clean, yet musky purely sexual and it makes my head spin.

“2 more breaths, but no more”

I can say nothing, but concentrate on bringing in as much scent and possible, knowing that I want to keep that smell in my head for as long as possible. After the second breath, she throws a leg over me and moves heaven away from my face.

My Angel is now stood by the side of the bed, and she leans in to my ear. I can feel her hot breath on me as she approaches. She takes my ear lobe in her mouth and sucks gently. My cock twitches. She blows into my ear and follows up with a whisper so soft I have to strain to hear. One word.


Not trusting my voice, I nod.

She picks up the silver bottle, shakes off the excess warm water and opens the top. The smell of almonds drifts and fills my nostrils, mingling with the lingering smell of her sex. Nothing but the best from my angel.

The first shot of oil goes onto my chest, and her hands swiftly follow, massaging the almost too hot oil into my skin. Her hands slide with skill and fluidity, never stopping, but exciting movements that are unpredictable and tantalising. The oil is spread down my stomach and I will her to go further, but she returns to my chest.

“Not yet” she murmurs, reading my mind.

She pays attention to my nipples, rubbing the oil in circles, eliciting a groan as they start to harden. Again, she throws her leg over me, and facing towards my feet she presses her underwear into my face.

“Remember, no tasting!” again with the mind reading. I close my mouth and concentrate on breathing in her scent and try to figure out where her hands are going next.

After making my chest and stomach slick, she pours oil onto her hands and starts to work down my thighs. She’s studiously avoided my cock, standing erect and getting harder by the second. She scoots her bottom down, and sits on my chest to allow her hands to make it all the way to my feet. Deprived of my favourite scent, I instead feast on the view.

My Angel says her bottom is too large, but it’s not - it’s a perfect heart shape. Firm and ripe, the skin is smooth and flawless. The corset bites into the top of her bottom a little, but accentuates her tiny waist. It also covers the discreet tattoo that hovers in between the two dimples at the bottom of her back. Her luxurious dark hair spills over the top of her corset in a wave, concealing a long shapely neck.his observation is sharply interrupted as my Angel starts to work her way back up from my shins. I know things are getting more serious as the long strokes are gradually being augmented by finger drags up the inside of my thighs. She getting ever closer to her target, but as she gets closer she moves away as well, teasing me
“Please…” I whimper. I have to feel her hands on me
As is my Angel’s wont, she ignores my pleas, and continues to tease me.

“My love…” I beg

But she’s unmoved, unswerving in her movements, my Angel knows that she is right, and this only makes it better. Silently, I agree.

As I think I can’t take any more, I feel it. Just a finger, her little finger on her left hand, wrapping gently right around my glans. Her ring finger joins it, just above. I know what’s coming, but still when it happens, the pleasure is unexpected, intense and immense. She creates a space with the fingers that are around and above my cock head and she pours warm oil into this makeshift funnel. Quickly she puts the bottle down and puts her other hand underneath my balls. She then opens her fingers and allows the oil to flow down my shaft and over my balls. Her right hand smothers this oils into my balls, and starts to rub it into my perineum and down to work it into my arsehole. She catches it all, none of the oil makes it onto the bed.
Still sat on my chest, she starts to work my cock with her left hand as she massages my balls with her right.

“Please, my Angel, I want to see” I ask

Not letting go of my cock, she moves to stand by the bed. Her touch is gentle, loving, yet insistent and unforgiving. It takes all of my willpower not to finish there and then.

But I know I can’t – she hasn’t said those 3 magic words.
Her other hand returns to my balls and then works lower, onto my perineum. Her fingers start to probe my prostate from the outside, and her hand on my cock moves faster and faster.

“Not yet, please!” I beg, “I don’t want to come yet.”

She heeds my pleas and slows down, but never stops touching me

“Please, my Angel, I want to see all of you”

She removes her hand from my balls and dextrously pulls her sopping underwear down. Her small but dense patch of pubic hair is glistening wetly in the candle light. I strain against the restraints, desperate to touch her, and she chuckles.

“Looking only for you, my sweet. And the corset stays on, for now!” she says, with a glint in her eye.

Kicking off her heels, she uses her hand to spread my legs wider. She sits cross-legged between my thighs. She still hasn’t let go of my cock. Her movements are still smooth and slow, going from root to tip and back down again. Every so often she pauses to pour on more oil. Now that she is sat facing me, I have a wonderful view of her working my cock, as well as the feeling as she uses her other hand to tickle my bum.

Again, I have to clamp down on my kegels to prevent me from coming. This time, it’s almost too late, and I’m not strong enough.

“Please don’t make me come – I don’t want to let you down” It feels so good, and yet if I come when I’m not supposed to I’d be mortified – how could I disappoint my Angel? She helps me. Her hand on my cock slides down to the base, and squeezes there, and the one on my arse comes up to squeeze the head. My cock twitches twice, hard, but the orgasm subsides.

“Thank you, my Angel” I whisper.

My love changes her grip, going overhand this time. I love this move. She does it with both hands, running one from root to tip and as soon as one hand gets to the top, the other replaces it at the base, and so it goes, over and over, just like hauling in line on a boat. Because she’s doing this facing me, she’s bending my cock downwards, which is really helping me to last longer.

However all of the willpower in the world isn’t going to help the next time the orgasm builds – she’s doing a far too good a job of creating a massive head of steam.

As she’s pulling my rope, every time she releases a hand from my cock, she undoes one of the eyes on the front of her corset. Finally I get to see my love in all of her splendour. Her breasts spill out, and I concentrate on them, as they sway in time to her movements. Still the steam builds. My hips start to move of their own accord – I’m getting close. Still with the overhand grip, my Angel lowers her breasts to my stomach and begins to slide them up towards my chest. As the rest of her body follows she finally lets go of my cock and leaves it lying against my stomach. She rubs the length of her body along my cock, followed lastly by the rasp of her pubic hair. This unexpected difference in feeling is almost too much and I grit my teeth and groan as I try to maintain control.

My angels lips meet mine, hungrily and forcefully, mashing my lips against my teeth and as I open my mouth to gasp in pain, her tongue snakes into my mouth, possessing me utterly. Her hand moves back down my body, and retakes possession of my twitching cock.

All pretence of gentleness is gone now – my Angel is working my cock hard with her hand, as she kisses me hard. I’ve lost almost total control of my body now, I’m bucking and thrashing, at once trying to get away from her hand on my oh-so-sensitive member, but at the same time trying to manoeuvre her so she helps me to reach the end.

I still know that I can’t come yet though.

I want to though, my god I do.

My kegels are really burning now, such is the force I’ve been bearing down, trying hard not to come.

I’m whimpering incoherently now, unable to think, or process information, only able to concentrate on her hand flashing up and down on my cock, and her tongue deep in my mouth. I can taste menthol again, this time mixed with the metallic tang of my blood, her possessive kiss has broken the skin inside my lip, but I don’t care, because I can’t think.

I’m trying not to come, but it’s hard so hard. I can feel it welling up – I can’t hold it back. I’m in pain now, my balls have that deep, deep ache, my cock, despite the covering of oil, is becoming super sensitive, and the sensitivity is starting to overtake the pleassure.

My Angel, of course senses this. The deep kiss ends abruptly, and I’m shocked by the sudden release of pressure. Her lips press against my ear, and I hear the words I’ve been waiting for, aching for, begging for.

“Come for me”

The magic words. Suddenly the floodgates open. The first jet comes hard and fast, laying a thick white rope all the way up my body to my neck. My Angel moves ready for the second, aiming my cock at her breasts and taking the second load there. The third runs up her face and into her hair as she moves closer to take the fourth, fifth and sixth in her mouth. Her hand is still moving up and down, milking the last drops out of me. My body is shaking as though I’m fitting, my legs completely uncontrollable.

My brain is still blank, and my ears are howling, I can feel the blood rush through. My Angel turns to me, and I can see her painted with my come. She visibly swallows, and then uses her finger to rescue my come from her breasts and face. She licks her fingers clean and leans in to kiss me. I can taste myself on her tongue, mixed in with her saliva. It tastes good. Finally she runs her tongue up my body, cleaning up that first thick rope.

“You got it in my hair!” she admonishes. “Run me a bath so you can wash me properly”

“Yes, my Angel” I reply as she unshackles me. It’s hardly a chore as I love to wash her and it will give me the opportunity to taste her.

“Is there enough Almond oil left?” I ask

“Yes, enough for tomorrow night” she responds.

I nod – tomorrow is her turn in the restraints…

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