The Phoenix Club London Adult Parties

House Rules

The Phoenix is an Alternative Lifestyle Club and all activities are entirely consensual between all parties. Everyone attending is expected to treat fellow guests and staff with respect, courtesy and respect boundaries.

Any guest who is unable to behave in a civilised manner will be asked to leave immediately. We operate a strict door policy and no one under the age of 21 May attend.


Attending a party is strictly by pre registration only and this can be done by either e mail or phone after 9am on the day. Admission is no earlier than 15 minutes before the start unless specifically agreed otherwise.

Please be respectful of neighbours by arriving and leaving with minimal noise and refrain from loitering around the building.


Because we have a small cloakroom with limited space , we ask that you bring minimum personal items to a party. We will do our utmost to ensure the safety of your property but we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage. Any property left behind and if unclaimed, will be donated to charity.


The venue is unlicensed and whilst we supply soft drinks, water and snacks, we do not provide any alcohol. Should you wish to, you are most welcome to bring along your own alcohol and have a drink whilst you relax in the lounge. We would ask that you refrain from drinking heavily as it may effect your enjoyment of the party.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who arrives at a party under the influence or expel anyone who drinks to excess at a party.

Drugs, Smoking, Chewing gum

We operate a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and anyone arriving who appears under the influence will not be admitted. Anyone caught using drugs will be ordered to leave immediately.

Electronic Devices

The carrying of any electronic device capable of recording audio/visual is strictly forbidden. This includes mobile phones. We ask that if you do bring them, they are switched off and not accessed during a party.

The Phoenix guarantee to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all guests who attend and by attending, guests agree to respect the privacy of everyone they meet at the club.


The contributions guest make are for the whole event and not pro rata. Should you choose to leave earlier or you are requested to do so, you are not entitled to a refund.